Greeting Cards
My journey into black and white photography began in 1993. Landscapes and people have always been a favorite focus of mine as is the ephemeral beauty of flowers. In my work I'm drawn to the evocative play of light over surface textures. I like to think that what you see is the tactile black and white of Life's intimate contrasts. Just as my choice of subjects continues to evolve, so have my experiments with other areas of photography. Over the years I have expanded my repertoire to include the study of digital imaging. This, too, has provided me unlimited creative potential as my computer has easily become an extension of my "darkroom."


Along with my collection of silver gelatin prints I have also created many giclees. "Giclee" is the French term meaning to spray or to jet. Originally its purpose was to describe the type of printer used to output-or print- an image that had been created on a computer. The term was first introduced to printmakers in 1987. With the advancement of sophisticated, artistic software however, digital print making has become a distinct art form and the term giclee has become synonymous with the digital print and its emergence as an artistic medium.

Fascinated by the digital process, I have taken images from my silver gelatin collection and by using a variety of software applications, I have computer-enhanced them. In a sense, I am technically "altering" my original. But I see the process, instead, as the creation of an avante garde prodigy. Several of the images from my giclee collection I have made into greeting cards. These cards are noted with an asterisk.

I hope that you enjoy my site. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Lisa Oliphant